Author Topic: Great-Grandpa gets beat by the youngster in Wii Play  (Read 1643 times)


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Great-Grandpa gets beat by the youngster in Wii Play
« on: March 01, 2009, 17:39:43 »
My grandparents came to visit us today. This was the first time that they had ever been to our home and this occasion was brought on because we thought we had a major problem with our bathroom wall, so my parents and grandparents came to help us out. It was really nice to find out that the problem that we are having with our shower wall is not a big issue, so we were able to enjoy a nice lunch and play some games before they had to leave with my parents rather than working through the day tearing stuff up and rebuilding.

After my son showed off his Nerf gun collection to Grandpa, Dad encouraged us to get the Wii game out to whip up on Grandpa. Soon my son having fun beating his great-grandpa on the Wii. It's probably no surprise that my son won almost every time playing the Wii Play Targets game.

My Dad and Grandpa played Tanks! together and Grandpa kept shooting himself with the ricochet bullets. They also played Baseball together, but Dad was just knocking the balls out of the park. One game ended in the second inning with the "Mercy Rule."

I played Baseball with my Grandpa a couple times before they left. He beat me 3 to 0 the first game and I won the second game 6 to 0.

I was able to snap a few photos and record some video of my grandpa playing video games with my son while they were visiting. That was definitely cool.
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