Author Topic: Chris returns from DragonCon with cool stuff  (Read 1881 times)


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Chris returns from DragonCon with cool stuff
« on: September 05, 2008, 00:14:21 »
Chris came over to visit yesterday. He brought the latest expansion of Descent with him, which he had picked up at DragonCon, along with a few PSX video games. It was nice having him over for a visit and hopefully I didn't drag him down with the depressive state that I'm in currently.

Road Rash, Brain Dead 13, and Worm Armageddon are three old PlayStation games that he had spotted at a booth at the convention. I'd only briefly played Road Rash before, actually as a demo on a 3DO system. My son seemed to be enjoy that one but I haven't tried it out yet. Brain Dead 13 is one that Chris compared to Dragon's Lair. I'd never heard of it before but have played Dragon's Lair years ago, so I'm curious about playing it, but Worms Armageddon is the real draw for me and my son. I had forgotten how much fun WA is. THANKS Chris!

After the kids went to bed, we decided to play one level in our Descent campaign. Chris added in the new Feats (is that what they were called?) and the Invisibility Potion from the new expansion. That Invisibility Potion is definitely one that I want to have on hand more since it gives a bit more of a chance for creatures to miss when attacking. I think I'll need to keep two or three for each level so that I can protect my mage, Mad Carthos. He's got an awesome attack, but very little defense and health. With the help of the Invisibility Potion I managed to get through the level with only two of my heroes dying, unlike many other times when I had to resurrect my heroes several times before completing the level.

The night came to a close, much later than I had expected, so I didn't really feel like working on homework after Chris left. Fortunately, I still think I'm on track for completing my homework this week in a reasonable time, so I'm feeling pretty good about that. It's too bad that things aren't going as smoothly between me and my wife, but that seems to be getting better too... albeit slowly.

Tonight, after coming home from my Visual Basic class, I got to hear some of the new Metallica songs on the radio, along with an interview conducted by Dave Grohl and another guy from the Foo Fighters. (I wrote a more detailed comment about Death Magnetic in another discussion.) I'm still not convinced that I'll want the new album. At least it's better than St. Anger.
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