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Nikko Lobo 5?


Does anybody have any information about a Nikko Lobo 5 RC car?

I picked one up for $5, but it is missing the battery and control transmitter.  My plan was to try to pick those items up separately.

Any info would be appreciated.  It looks identical to this one:

I would install hobby grade electronics and make it more usable, you know being able to drive it 600 ft away from you. That kind of stuff  ;)

If you don't want to install a hobby grade receiver, you could just look for any Nikko controller. If they are anything like the Tyco R/C vehicles, there are only a couple different frequencies that are being used, so I think just about any older Nikko controller that you find has a 50/50 chance of working. I did see some Nikko cars more recently that had interchangeable crystals, providing up to 6 different frequencies, so you'll probably want to avoid those ones. 

It seems to be the same as Nikko Dominator 2:


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