Author Topic: Surprise, guess who's at the door?  (Read 1556 times)


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Surprise, guess who's at the door?
« on: August 24, 2008, 23:59:27 »
Last night Blain and Candace came over to play some board games with us. Prior to coming they had talked to my wife about inviting a friend from church, someone whom I hadn't met before. Of course, I was fine with that. Then I found out that another, uh... eccentric woman, whom neither I nor my wife feel comfortable around, had somehow either been invited or invited herself to come over. (I'm not quite sure how it all went down.) By the time we found out that said woman was planning to join us, she was already parked outside our house. She had apparently called Candace and said, "I'm outside their house. Where are you?" Candace and Blain didn't arrive until quite a bit later. My wife didn't want me to go out and tell the woman that she needed to leave, so fortunately the woman left on her own, although it took a while, without ever coming up to our house. 

Candace requested to play Slueth after she and Blain arrived. It was fine with me, and actually ended up having the opposite results of last time we played games with them. Candace played well on her own. I ended up determining the missing gem correctly in the first game. Candace requested that we play again and this time she won the game in record time. I think each person only had a handful of turns before Candace picked out the missing gem. She was a bit hesitant about solving the puzzle so quickly and even waited one full round to give her answer. She happened to play just what she needed to find out the rest of us didn't have that specific gem cluster card and the rest of us were miles away from solving it.

After those two quick games of Slueth we decided to get into a girls vs. guys game - Battle Of The Sexes. In that game the players are asked questions that stereotypically could be answered by any member of the opposite gender. After reading a few cards and being completely unsuccessful, the girls decided that they didn't want to play the game that way anymore - they wanted to answer questions that most women would know and have us answer questions that most men would know. It still turned out to be challenging, but the girls got stuck for a while as Blain and I cruised across the board to our goal. The girls said that they thought the game gave all the easy questions to the guys. Toward the end everyone was getting a bit vicious about "giving" anything to the other team, so once again, maybe that isn't the best game for the group. For example, one question that was asked about the Winter Olympics was supposed to be answered "cross-country skiing and rifle-shooting." Blain answered "cross-country skiing and target shooting" and the girls said it was wrong because he said "target" instead of "rifle." On the girls next turn the question was "What is baby's-breath?" with the answer (actually on the card) being "a type of plant." The girls said stuff about flowers and bouquets, but we didn't accept the answer because they never said "type" or even "plant" in any of their answer. We also had to say "Final Answer" at that point in the game too, because Candace had backed out of a triplet of answers that Beth had boldly stated while Blain and I were replying "nope."

Beth talked Candace and Blain into taking some online IQ tests after the games, which turned out to be more of a test of endurance than skill as they tried to get passed all the garbage promotional offers after they had completed the tests. (They couldn't get their scores until they got passed them all.) Blain was rated as "Universal Genius" on one test while Candace was "Very Smart." Blain and I watched a few music videos from Green Jelly and Primus while we waited for Candace to finish skipping passed the plethora of offers on the "Are you smarter than Einstein" test. After that it was so late we all just had to get to bed.

Today we went over to Beth's friend Marge's house to help her out with her computer. I had some antivirus/antispyware programs on a disc to help clean up some malware that she had caught, of course, I think the biggest culprits were lack of RAM and lots of unnecessary/unwanted programs. After spending several hours there I was finally done cleaning things up and starting the defrag. Thankfully she gave us some ink cartridges for a printer that she gave us before, which are quite worth the time that I've spent working on her computer.

Tomorrow the new semester starts. Web development projects are piling up on me, but I'm excited about getting back into some stuff for clients. I love working on my own site, but something about working on other peoples sites is exciting.
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