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Zombie Fluxx - card game
« on: January 11, 2012, 21:43:22 »
I've played my newest game a few times with my grand son, Brandon.
It can be played with the simple rules, no zombies, until you get the basics and want to add challenge.
The game is always changing, whether you change the goal, number of draw cards, number of play cards or number of cards allowed in your hand. Whatever plans you make with your remaining cards will probably need to be adjusted on the fly.
One time I drew one card, was only allowed to play one card, I played a card that allowed me to play five, I emptied my hand. Played five cards, one changing the goal to involve the four cards I played right after it, winning instantly.
Game says 10 - 40 minutes, that sounds about right from my play testing.
Excellent game, thanks Dragon.

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