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Title: Funagain Games - Black Cyber Sale
Post by: Dragon on November 27, 2014, 10:19:31
BLACKCYBER2014 is the special code to get 10% off purchases from Funagain.com (http://www.funagain.com/control/main?affil=DRGH) - applicable this weekend from Friday through Monday. I mentioned this to my wife and she said, "It's only 10%... that's laughable," but I've looked through some of the Black Friday ads and some of the stuff on there isn't any more than 10% off. Plus, I know that Funagain.com has great prices on board games already... most of the time I can't find it cheaper anywhere else.

Anyway, looking around, I did find a couple more games that I've had to add to my wishlist (http://www.funagain.com/list/11814&affil=DRGH). The Castles Of Mad King Ludwig (https://www.funagain.com/control/product?product_id=032193&affil=DRGH), Roll For The Galaxy (https://www.funagain.com/control/product?product_id=028305&affil=DRGH), and Dead Of Winter (https://www.funagain.com/control/product?product_id=029660&affil=DRGH) are now my top 3 games on my wishlist.  ;)